Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Peek a boo.

This is Hadleigh.

Around the corner of the couch.
Around the door frame.
Around the door.
Around Daddy.
Around the chair.
Around just about anything as long as she can play
with Nathanael.

And he LOVES her.
His face just lights up when she looks at him.
She runs in circles and his eyes try to keep up with her.
She walks by and he tries to catch her attention.

This morning during breakfast, I was putting dishes away.
The two of them just started laughing together.
Two precious giggles egging the other on.
I'm not quite sure who started it...did Nathanael laugh and challenge Hadleigh to keep making him laugh? Or was it the other way around...
Wish I had had the video camera handy...but you know how that goes.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


One of the amazing beauties of Texas.

A field of green that turns to blue.

Such a fleeting time.

And we missed it last year while in Alabama for 6 weeks...so I made sure we captured it this year.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

We've had a great Easter weekend...my sister Katy got to come visit for a looong weekend...so fun for her to get to stay for more than just 2 days! We had a blast teaching Hadleigh how to dye eggs...she did a great job. Her favorite color egg of course? "Mink."

Then Katy and I created these *gorgeous* (if I do say so myself) eggs. You can read about how to make them here. You use silk ties to color them, and it is SO easy! Thanks Mom for making sure I watched Martha that day :)

Had a wonderful Easter Sunday with a visit from a pastor who could be our new pastor! Very fun to interact with him and his wife...and they have a two-year old daughter and little boy on the way!!!! Exciting to think our year without a pastor may be coming to a close soon! Praise God!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

day thirteen and ramblings...

I really like my little birdie! (And she's sparkly...I rediscovered my Sakura Gelly Roll sparkle pens...and I had F-U-N!) I love the thought of flight...although for some reason it is bringing to mind The Awakening by Kate Chopin right now.

Have you read it? One of my favorite novels from high school and one that I LOVED teaching to my eleventh graders...which seems like so long ago, even though my last year was only 4 years ago. I miss teaching literature...but I SO enjoy being home with my little chickadees! I wouldn't trade being home for the world. Looking forward to beginning some "homeschool preschool" with Hadleigh next fall...and of course, we'll start with reading :) (Childrens books are so fun at any age...another flashback to my eleventh AP student's "children book class"--such fun!)

Hadleigh amazes me by leaps and bounds...just when I think she will never show interest in the ABC's she surprises me with "V. Vvvvvv. V." "N. Naniel." And now she's getting close to recognizing the majority...though not in any order....but now that I think about it, why does the order really matter? Anyone out there have any ideas?

Off to make my grocery list...or finish a scrapbook page....

Monday, April 10, 2006

days eleven and twelve

Okay, silly me. I have had a tough time with numbering my pages...they have been off twice, once for the day number and once for the date. You would think this would not be hard, since all I have to do is look at the day before and then write the correct day next.

But I think that is the problem. I am one of those people who write what I hear...if I'm writing a letter or journaling or anything and someone is talking to me...I start writing what they say. So I think I am looking at the page number ahead and then thinking it and then writing down the same number.

So, for all of you who are noticing the *details*, day eleven's page accidentally reads day 10. Oops. I'll fix it in the journal.

I've kind of hit a half-wall...both in exercising and in journaling. Feeling uncreative and feeling a lack of TIME for the exercise part. But I'm still doing both...just struggling a little with each. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more motivated.

And hopefully I can catch up in my journal so that on Day {21} I have finished it! That will be my goal!

Friday, April 07, 2006

day ten

In thinking about the purpose for my challege...I find many!

I want to be healthy and in shape...I want to have more energy for myself, my husband, and my kiddos...I want to fit in my old clothes (and get new ones that I'm happy with the size on the tag!)...I want to be a good steward of the body God has given me. Well, those all seem motivating!

I enjoyed weaving the paper...had lots of fun...felt like I was in elementary art again. I loved art in elementary school. I wish they still "required" it in 6-12 grades. Maybe I would be a better painter! There is something missing on this entry...need to figure it out and then I will repost the picture...but don't hold your breath!!!

Today the sky is the color of dust. and dirt. It is so windy...I think I look out the window every few minutes to see if a tornado is approaching...I need to walk to the mailbox...but I must brave the wind! Here goes...

"nap" time.

So this week, Hadleigh hasn't taken a single nap. "Nap. All done." says Hadleigh.

Enter "rest" time.

She basically reads in her bed...plays with ALL the toys she can...only rule is that she can't come out of her room. I went in to check on her a few minutes ago and was totally amused.

Of course, all her pretend food is all over the floor. Books everywhere. Dolls tucked into her bed.

But what gets me laughing is this.

Apparently, dresser pulls are meant to be used.

To hang things. Go figure.

When I brought in the camera she said "Cheeese!" Big smile on her face.

Big smile on my face!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

day nine

Here's the entry for day nine...even though it is day eleven! Ten more days! WOW!

Today's quote "Never permit failure to become a habit." was perfectly timed. This morning I really almost didn't exercise. It literally took me *forever* to fall asleep. Usually I would get up and read or scrapbook or stare at the computer (which always makes me tired) but I really wanted to get more sleep so I just stayed in bed, willing my mind to stop going 100 mph.

So I was tired.
Did not want to exercise. Cuddled Hadleigh on the couch and looked at her Elmo books.
All the while, I knew
I must do something.

So I did the flexibility routine. Not very long, does not require much energy, but still got my body moving and stretched. Glad in hindsight that I didn't give in...cause I would have felt REALLY bad after reading the quote :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

day eight

Ever so slowly, I am catching up. This is actually more blue than the picture suggests...oh well.

I liked this quote, simple as it is. Excited to see the progress I am making in exercising. Feeling stronger...fitting in older clothes gradually...it feels good. Thanks for the encouragement.

I'm off to sleep so I can fit in my longer exercise program tomorrow. Glad that Hadleigh thinks it is fun to watch!

Monday, April 03, 2006

day 7

Trying to play catch up with the journal. Challenge going well...although I really don't like Daylight Savings. I'd rather just fall back and not spring forward...but oh well. Feeling tired a lot. But still getting out of bed to exercise. Moving up to the next workout level tomorrow. Feeling good about that!

Oh yeah, had a question about my journal. It is by Running Rhino & Co. The rings open so the pages are removable and *so* easy to work with. The pages are great for non-art journaling too. The front side is lined, back is unlined...great for writing and sketching!

Uncle Michael

We had such a great time visiting with my brother. Hadleigh just {adored} him! They played with the ball outside, did stickers together, looked through Fine Woodworking magazines together (she feigned interest!).

My favorite moment was his first night here. I went to go get her for a bath...bedtime was approaching quickly...she was sitting on Michael's lap on the couch, reading book after book after book. I couldn't bring myself to end the moment, so I let them read together. Precious. So wonderful to see Hadleigh adapt to family that we don't see often so quickly! So dear to my heart to see my little brother, loving and interacting with my daughter.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

day five and day six

Day 5...Rhonna's design inspired the colors...fun and bright!
Day 6...Rhonna's colors were perfect for my BasicGrey Fusion paper! Love the colors! (design not exactly as it was in my head...oh well.)

My scheduled exercise routine skips the weekend [I think it is healthy for my body to get a rest-especially my knees- and for me to sleep in a little :) ] but I plan on using the weekend to do a less-structured exercise. Like running in the yard with my daughter and kicking her ball or going for a long walk. Something that I don't look at and say "Oh, it's TIME for me to exercise." Something a little more *exciting*! But still active.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...and finds a little rest.

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