Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 on the Twelfth

the April version:

  1.  Our yard is so full of color right now.
  2.  This little girl is four and a half today!
  3.  Cheeseburgers with Mimi at a new diner.
  4.  A pile of Zoob's waiting on Nathanael.
  5.  Afternoon gelato
  6.  Mine = cheesecake & dark chocolate
  7.  Packing (what we're taking with us) so far. (Movers come Monday.)
  8.  Chinese Terracotta Warriors (souvenir from Mimi & Grampa's trip)
  9.  I love that our aprons have a home in our pantry.
10.  I fell in love with blue doors in Paris. Someday, I'd love a side entry like this.
11.  Dinner tonight homemade guacamole...
12.  ...or homemade salsa? Which is your favorite?


caz hancock said...

fabulous pics , i would love some of the salsa, please share the recipe

Kelly said...

Great pics. My fave is definitely guacamole. Mmmm xxx

Amy Scalze (happy2create) said...

That's lots of great, (and yummy) photos! Salsa for me. :)

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown said...

mmm guacamole!!!!


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