Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Huge Blessing!

It's one of those days when I haven't blogged since the middle of January and feel like there is so much to say and share that it would be easier to never blog again rather than just jumping in. But that would be no here's a short post to get me started again!

While we were in Asheville (more on our trip soon!) we sold our house! A huge answer to prayer...we are so thankful, especially since we're about a month away from our new house being ready. We just finished packing up our stuff today...okay, not us but the nice moving company. A perk of the Air Force. We are back up to OK tomorrow. We're having dinner with good friends tonight and then leaving in the morning. I'm so ready to be out of suitcases is never fun, but I am hopeful that we only have one more month to wait.

And here's a picture of Madeleine with me while in Asheville...cause posts are more fun with pictures!

P.S. And it was SO fun to go over to Joanna's blog today and see pictures of some special friends from our church when we were stationed in NC...what a small world! Those boys sure do have beautiful eyes...


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