Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now and Then

One thing that I love about the changing seasons are the activities that go hand-in-hand with them. The ones you expect and plan on. The ones that come naturally. The ones you *almost* don't notice happening.

Jumping into piles of autumn leaves. Playing in the first snow of winter. Smelling the first spring flowers. Running through the sprinklers on a hot summer afternoon.

There are so many "regular" activities that allow us to easily mark growth and see change. For us, enjoying icy snow cones is an ideal summer activity! We have a fabulous snow cone place that is on a shaded lot with picnic tables and plenty of porch swings!

Inspired by Davinie's "Now and Then" layout over at Studio Calico this month, last night after taking pictures of our snow cones, I remembered a previous set of photos, taken two summers ago...and it amazes me to see the change that has taken place...even though there are still similarities (like Hadleigh's cherry flavor choice...and the fun of sticking out your tongue to see it's color! Even the same corner swing.)



and then.

and then.


and then.


and then.
Ah, I must admit that last one is a little heart-breaking. The seasons change much more quickly with children.

What summer activities are you documenting this year?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I can honestly say that this May and June have been busier than I think they have ever been...(except maybe for May-June 2001, when I graduated from college, got married, honeymooned, and moved into our first home.)

Sorry the blog updates have been has been difficult to get back into the here is a rundown to help me feel a tiny bit caught up!

We've been to Kiawah, SC...for the beach...
and the pool...and time with extended family.
Time in Asheville, NC...we love the park I grew up going to...
Back to OK for a Classical Conversations retreat,
welcoming several new families to the area,
welcoming several new babies,
saying goodbye to friends moving along, on their Air Force journey,
spending time with Aunt Katy who visited,
spending an evening catching up with Shannon
spending a long weekend in New York with my dear friend Shawna (just me! more on that later),
spending time with the kiddos while Brent went to Asheville this past week.

And in our "downtime" we've spent lots of time in the pool, sprinklers, and splash park (and looking at the suits drying in the laundry room, you'd think I had another handful of kiddos!)Making and eating homemade popsicles...And LOTS of time outside. Biking. Swinging. Chasing (and catching) butterflies. Picnicing. Eating gelato. And ice cream. And drinking lemonade. (Anything cold!)
And so far, it's been a great summer. (Though I won't deny I'm a little worn and travel-weary.) Excited that we still have two more months of it. (And after today, I'm looking ever-so-slightly-forward to that cooler weather at the end of it!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am thankful for fathers...
This one in particular, as he is an amazing Daddy to our three children...patient, funny, encouraging, loving. Hadleigh, Nathanael, and Madeleine are so very blessed.

And also these:

Brent and I are blessed with two wonderful fathers...who love us...and their grandchildren, as you can clearly see!

And today, I'm also celebrating these precious sister Katy and brother-in-law Alex! Happy First Anniversary!!!
(wedding photo: Shannon Ho Photography)

Sunny skies...

splash parks,
water balloons,
water balloons,
and more water balloons,
and an Aunt Katy,
are ingredients for a very fun summer day!
Thanks for visiting Katy...we all miss you already!

Monday, June 07, 2010

A Special Day

Happy Birthday to you Mom!
We love you SO much and wish we could celebrate with you today!

(Nathanael said he wanted to be at Mimi's birthday with her!)

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