Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Simply Lovely, No. 19

I simply pass by, many times before I finally take notice.

What once contained and then supported the bloom
is perhaps even lovelier when its job is done.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Today, I burnt the oatmeal.

This Monday morning dawned as most do after returning from a girls getaway weekend with old, dear friends.

I'm thankful that I've learned over the years, that reentry isn't always easy.

Today I am tired from three way-too-late nights chatting with friends, which didn't help my recovering-from-an-awful-cold state of health.

Today, I burnt the oatmeal my children were looking forward to. And then the second pot boiled over.

Today, I was in pajamas for my longer than I had hoped to be.

Today, little voices were louder than they should have been and not quite kind.

Today, I reached for the Shout to treat some stains on my daughter's dress and realized too late that a bottle of Windex had taken the normal place of the Shout. Oops. (And thankfully, a quick rinse seems to have saved the day...so far.)

Not an ideal beginning to a new week. But I was prepared for the possibility.

And so despite the Monday-ish beginning...the rest of the day has been sweet.

Strong coffee and a perfect afternoon snack.

Sweet and patient learners with no tears today.

Happy lunch-eaters with no complaints today.

A grace-receiving Mommy who's thankful for the good and trying moments of today.

This weekend was a sweet reminder of the many blessings I've been given by the most-generous Giver. A time where my heart was full and my soul feels refreshed and encouraged.

And just like I can return to my normal after such a full weekend, I find myself able to return here today, after almost a month's absence and a failed 30 days blog series.

So, I'm welcoming myself and you back today!

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