Friday, March 31, 2006

day four

Sorry that this is a day late. Hopefully I'll catch up either today or this weekend.

Not *so* in love with this page but it's growing on me...chalk helped! But that's part of the creative process. More words than art...(except for Rhonna's art) :) love her designs.

I think I will push it up to the next level on my exercises. More difficulty, a longer time commitment so I will have to wake up earlier but I'm starting to feel comfortable in the workout routine which dictates change...COURAGE!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

day three.

a quick art journal brother just arrived in town for a few days! Yay! I'm trying to incorporate the definition of a word from each quote in each entry. I really loved this definition of twist...that it produces a single strand...all the different directions {twists, turns} are incorporated into who we are...a unique creation!

I didn't mind getting up this morning to was hearing the rain today that made me want to stay in bed. So I did, an extra 20 minutes (thanks to Hadleigh sleeping in for the first time in a while!) Then I exercised!

I am really enjoying the feedback...the encouragment...and getting to encourage others!

So speaking of feedback...I am really wanting a cute banner on my blog...but computer language and I don't compute! I CAN follow directions very easily though ... any suggestions on where to look for step by step instructions on how to create a banner and input it into Blogger? Thanks!

* quote design by Rhonna Farrer

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

day two.

This morning I was tired.
And a tiny bit sore.

Did not want to get out of bed.

But I did, and as always, I feel great after exercising. I like knowing that I have accomplished a goal. But already, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Secretly looking forward to day 22 when (if I am just SO tired) I can stay in bed and not feel accountable to anyone.

Publicly, I'm looking forward to day 21 when I realize that I might actually WANT to get up and exercise. Because the challenge is the personal commitment ...

But right now, I am thankful for the accountability and the encouragment!

it's beginning.


As I was playing on the floor with Nathanael today, he put my face between his hands and pulled my face to his. Instant frustration. He shrieks.

His thoughts:

Mommy's face will NOT fit in my mouth even if it fits in my hands. Darn.

Gumming all over a plastic ring...they're on the way.

So my goal now? To document his smile in my heart and on film. His smile will never be the same again. I remember this with Hadleigh...the first year and a half of life I watched her smile constantly change. For the better and cuter, for sure, but stilllllllll....

I love those big {empty} smiles!

Monday, March 27, 2006

one down.

twenty to go!

The first day was pretty easy. Beginnings tend to be easy for me. Perseverance and follow-through...for 20 days. Pretty cute to look to my side while I was stretching and exercising and see Hadleigh stretching her arms too (watching the video and not me!) Yes, she woke up at ten 'til 6. Mmmhmm. (Extra motivation out of bed!)

One thing I know I will enjoy is the art journal...stretching my *creative* boundaries...I don't paint much (can't you tell?) so I plan on practicing techniques in my journal so that I can confidently attack them in my scrapbooking! More paint to come...probably in smaller doses:)

Quote design in journal by Rhonna Farrer, host of The {21} Challenge.

it will soon change

But, I want to remember her voice right now. The way she pronounces "her" words.

Hadleigh's 2.5 year old vocabulary amazes me each day...but still sometimes gets lost in translation.

Peacock means either

  1. her brother's burp cloth
  2. a big truck
  3. a literal peacock (context is key here...I spent forever the other day while driving trying to find the peacock she spotted on the road before I realized that she saw the garbage truck and the red Ford pickup and the semi. gotcha.)

More sgick means that she needs some new stickers and would really prefer those in Mommy's stash to those of her own. I love the way she still says "Daddy's GT" whenever we drive by (or near) the Ford dealership. "Angyou Mommy" is the sweetest thank you you have ever heard in your life. And still my favorite, every morning when I first change his diaper and she's in the living room watching her "E-O" (video) she calls out loudly:

"I lou, Naniel." Translation: I love you, Nathanael.

"I lou, Hadleigh."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

getting started

It's a beautiful day here! Still cool but warm in the sunshine. Lots of projects to work on. Brent is outside doing the "outside" projects. Staining new furniture he built...putting pavers down for the path to the backyard...hopefully planting another Carolina Jessamine in the backyard. (Our current two are in beautiful yellow bloom!)

I have lots of organizing inside to do. Mostly in Hadleigh and Nathanael's rooms...but that is tough since the easiest time to work is during their naps which rules out working in their rooms. But maybe today I can conquer their closets while they are least begin to.

I am starting The {21} Challenge on Monday. It is a challenge to start a new habit (or break an old one) in 21 days, creating an art journal as a fun, encouraging, and therapeutic exercise! My goal is to start exercising every morning before the kiddos wake up (at least Nathanael--Hadleigh thinks the exercise video is fun!) Of course, there are many facets to accomplishing this...I have to go to bed at a decent hour (tough for this nightowl!) so that I can wake up early! But those will be good habits too! Part of the challenge is posting the daily art journal here...

So glad it is the weekend. We love the time together as a family. So fun for Hadleigh to wake up in the morning and say (as usual) "" and then tell her that Daddy is home with us ALL day! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Diving in.

After thinking about starting a blog for awhile I did it.

Glad to have a place to share thoughts and pics with friends and family.


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