Monday, November 06, 2006

These are a few

of my favorite things! (prompted by Kelli)
hydrangeas, especially from Mom's garden.
glowing candles
warm, crackling fires
curling up with a good book
the sprinkle of freckles across Hadleigh's nose and cheeks
autumn color
the Appalachian Mountains
unique coffee shops
the way Nathanael drops his chin to his chest whenever you tickle him
Hayley Westenra music
comfort food
new scrapbooking supplies
the way a child's hand holds mine
cool bookstores and old books
going "home" for Christmas
movie nights
shopping with my mom
a row of half-filled journals
date nights when we get to just catch up and talk
fabric stores
Riquewihr, France
comfy mattresses (we're in the market for a new one!)
talking to my sister
a dinner of bread, French cheeses, fruit, and white wine
the color blue
time spent with dear friends, like these


Jillian Marie said...

Beautiful photo and cute post!! I share and appreciate many of your favorites, although I have never been to France. We are very alike in many ways and I'd have to say that very cool!

Hilary said...

Are you a romantic or what!?

That's what I love about you.

kelli said...

ooooooohhh I love your list!

Stephanie said...

you like blue?...are you serious???

i am just kidding! i love your post & it makes me realize all the little things i need to notice & appreciate.

have a wonderful day!

Courtney said...

Your list makes me feel relaxed. And hungry. :)
I like it!


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