Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coming up for air!

In the last month, we have:

--celebrated Katy's graduation from Baylor University, along with my family and much of our extended family! (Congrats again, little sis!)
--moved into our house! (Finally, right?) We love it. We're unpacked for the most part, with the exception of pictures that go on the walls, some decorative stuff, and the garage boxes. We've got lots of room, so come and visit! (More pictures to come of the interior...I promise, Shawna.)
--we are loving watching this pheasant enjoy our backyard...we've nicknamed him "The Reverend" (given his white collar) and we have a great view of him from the breakfast nook!

--Madeleine and I are enjoying our new sling (pink, of course!) She loves being connected to Mommy and I love being hands free and snuggling her too. What can I say? She's the baby.

--Hadleigh and Nathanael have been busy helping Brent outside with some landscaping...getting the flower beds lined with brick...and discovering little creatures, like this frog that Hadleigh is staring at below. Did you know my kids LOVE the outdoors? Yep. They must get that from their Daddy. They are thrilled with our yard and the vacant (for now) lots around us.

--and we just finished a great visit with Mimi! We had tons of fun...celebrating Mom's birthday, playing at the park and the children's museum, eating at yummy places, shopping, tea parties, even a date night for Brent and I. We had a fabulous time...thanks again for coming Mom!
So, forgive my absence...I'll try to be better! Still got lots of organizing to do, but we are really starting to feel settled!


Hilary said...

Good to see you back...and breathing. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Brian and Ella said...

so happy to hear you're in your new house...i look forward to seeing more pictures! it's beautiful!

karen akaliz said...

your new home is gorgeous...wonderful pics! welcome back!

sarah corbin said...

i enjoyed the pictures, too. that's a great one of hadleigh with the frog

Kristii Lockart said...

You have an absolutely gorgeous home!! Love the pictures!!

Katy said...

it was good to see you too! - and I'm excited to get to see you again real soon!

Close To Home said...

What a beautiful house!!! OMIGOSH! I love it! That pic of the sling in use is really cute. I need to get one like that soon to use come winter.

vtpuggirl said...

Congrats on your new house, it's beautiful from the outside! Enjoy it!


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