Friday, July 25, 2008


Yum. I just finished a bowl of summerwhite nectarines and blueberries. Summerwhite Nectarines. I can't remember (before this week) when I last had a nectarine. But I bought three(at WalMart of all places) on Monday night and now I need more. Deliciously sweet and perfectly ripe. They actually satisy my sweet tooth cravings. Which is good since Brent and I are trying to eat more healthily and exercise. And I must say, I've done pretty well on the eating part this week...the exercise...let's say next week, okay? Of course, now I just want to go buy enough nectarines for a rustic tart (I have a fabulous rustic plum tart recipe that I think would be perfect for these.) but I doubt that the delicious crust and the vanilla ice cream that MUST accompany such a thing would be as healthy as the nectarine by itself. But they really are tempting me. A weekend reward, maybe? :)

So inspiration. Lately, I have been so intrigued by the sewing world. And I know that it's mostly the fabrics...but some projects I've been seeing are just as cute as can be. (And I am telling myself that I can figure out patterns on my own, right?) Ideas for quilts, baby gifts, childrens clothing, etc. And I already own a sewing machine, so it's just a little investment in fabric :)

How cute is this? I have a feeling I will have fun making these for baby gifts and first birthdays!

So much better than the little red tomato, doncha think???

And a bowl full of these in a little girl's kitchen...perfect. Or hanging from a little tree for a spring luncheon... (The above three pictures are from Heather Bailey's new online shop.)

I know I've mentioned Sandi Henderson and her blog Portabellopixie before. She has a new line of fabric out...and new children's clothing patterns including the one above and below.

Cute, huh?

A gorgeous quilt, using some of her fabrics.

Covered books...a no-sew project. Perfect.

Her gorgeous new fabric line called "Farmer's Market".

And her booth at the quilt market. I never thought I wanted to go to a quilt market. I do now. (And besides the gorgeous inspiration on her blog...she has a fantastic playlist...I leave her site open while I'm doing computer's a great blend of music!)

And some free Amy Butler patterns from her website. Very cool quilt.

as well as pillows. I think I could do that. (Sorry those pictures aren't great...check out her site for lots more stuff, including great purse patterns.)

About now, blogger stopped letting me upload if you want a few more places to go...I also enjoyed these things:

little birdies

Anna Maria has a fun fabric line and lots of fun ideas on her blog and store sites. I love the pillow case dress she made on her blog...I had an idea (and pillowcase) for that when Hadleigh was just born...maybe I should find it and get started!

This colorful site has some great tutorials and patterns, including a splat mat that I think we need. (Not that a splat mat is hard to figure out how to do...but I will take instructions on sewing for just about anything!)

Joel Dewberry is "eclectic modern" and I like it! Definitely not "completely" my style...but there are a few fabrics in each collection that I love. And his site is clean and inspiring.

Really looking forward to pulling out my machine and creating something soft...maybe we can find a way to keep my machine permanently set up somewhere. That would help too. If you have any other fun fabric-related sites to share, please do!


Close To Home said...

ohh how about all that info and eye candy! omigosh, I have to come back when I am not in the middle of the night! LOL! Truly wonderful to see all those pics. Love the fabrics and ideas.

Shawna said...

i'm inspired by your inspiration! all of those projects look like so much fun. happy sewing!

lisa dickinson said...

so glad i stopped by and saw all this wonderful inspiration! and i've also added nectarines to my grocery list :)

Kristii said...

The Heather Bailey lines are awesome!!! I love the thought of no sew book covers...may have to check this out!!! It is a good thing my girls aren't little any more. I wouldn't have any scrappy money!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Rob and Michele said...

I love your blog and all the recipes! Not sure how I found you, but I've been a stalker now for about a year:)

I just moved to Switzerland with my family from IL. What a change. I'm hoping I'll have time to try many more recipes with this "slower lifestyle". Nectarines are my favorite! I think you mentioned a cobbler recipe. I'd love it if you'd share!

You can find me at Have a great day!


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