Monday, August 11, 2008


It's a cloudy, misty day. Following an overcast, sporadically rainy weekend. You know I'm happy about that!

Do you love to make lists? I do. I have a list of projects we need to work on; a list of things I want Brent to build; a list of long-term items (read, dream list) for the house; grocery lists; a list of books I want to read; a list of places I want to go....

Here is my weekly to do list for this week:
  • do the laundry (in process, one load to go)
  • make doctor appointment for Madeleine (waiting to hear back from doctor)
  • make dentist appointments for Hadleigh, Nathanael, and I (check)
  • plan daily homeschool schedule; get stuff organized
  • make list of items still needed for homeschool
  • watch Olympics
  • order pictures online
  • begin exercise program (day one: check)
  • invite friend's for dinner
  • clothes to goodwill
  • list items on ebay and craig's list
  • order God's World News for Hadleigh
  • grocery shop (which will require yet another list)
  • playdate at our house
  • buy some fabric
  • take books to used book store
  • plan garage sale???

I think that should do it for now, don't you?


Katy said...

missing you.

and, i've made a list of things i have to do before i move back to texas : ) so i thought your post was amusing. loveyoumuch.

Shawna said...

thanks for helping me remember that i need to make kate's dr. appt. yikes!

could you send us your list every week? it's quite helpfull. :) love you!


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