Sunday, October 12, 2008


Our precious baby girl is one.

We had a fun day...beginning with brunch with an ocean view (pancakes and eggs for a very happy birthday girl!) followed by a birthday party with all of Mommy's side of the family! Very special to celebrate with uncles, grandparents, and an aunt! She enjoyed a giant cupcake cake covered in purple frosting and ate a whole piece of cake followed by a big sippy cup of milk!

It was so fun to watch her explore her gifts...especially her new "cell phone" and purse...and her little baby. "Ba-by" is one of her first words and she loves to hold Hadleigh's dolls and any stuffed animals and then call them "baby" and hug them, so she was thrilled to have a baby doll of her own. She of course LOVED the wrapping and tissue paper...she had lots of "helpful instruction" in opening her gifts :)

I still can't believe that today has already arrived. This precious little girl's first year has just passed so quickly...

I remember this moment so clearly, holding her only hours old and wondering what her little voice would sound like (so very sweet), how her personality would unfold (content, sweet, with a little bit of spunk and will mixed in), how she would interact with her sister and brother (she adores them and lights up whenever they are near her).
You continue to be such a gift to us. Happy First Birthday, my sweet Madeleine Elizabeth.


Shawna said...

AHHH!!! Happy 1st Birthday! I love that baby is one of her first words. So perfect. That picture could not be any more beautiful. Yay for birthdays!

Brian and Ella said...

what a cutie!! happy birthday to both of your sweet girls!! our kiddos are just growing up way too fast...i keep telling them to slow down, but they won't listen!

hope you all are doing well!


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