Friday, March 06, 2009


...cuts her own layers...the layer you see above is several months old (it began bang-length) and the next layer thankfully pulls back into her ponytail. But it hits about bob-length. The scissors have returned to an out-of-reach spot. really enjoying her little sister. She loves to push her around while all tucked in. And she's having fun dressing up her little sis...Madeleine is a good sport...and loves the attention from "Ha-lee".
...every time she comes out of her room during her afternoon quiet time, she asks me to close her door. This is what I see EVERY time:

followed by a "door kiss" and then a huge smile, on both our faces!
She brings such is so fun to watch her personality continue to develop..she is taking in and learning so much. Five is a fun age to be!


Lauren said...

ha ha! I still do my layers..then my hairdresser gives me a dirty look when he goes to trim them and they are all uneven..Look at the bright side, maybe she can do her own hair down the road and save money!!
Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Great pics. Such cuties!!
My baby girl cut her hair years ago too - except she cut it bald in the front (and you can't hide that)

scrapyoga said...

that is so funny!! My six year old does the same thing...funny part is, is that it actually looks good, just like on your girl!! But I agree, scissors are way out of reach now!!!!

Anonymous said... my "babydoll"...and has grown up
way to fast....but so did first "babydoll".
I love you, Mom

Shawna said...

that last picture is my very favorite. adorable and so grown up!


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