Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lady Bug Hunters

Lately, we've been enjoying lots of wildlife around our house! I came home with Madeleine from my brother's graduation in NC to find this:

my sweet children and husband in the fields behind our house, hunting ladybugs. They had a plastic baby food container with holes to catch them and were VERY serious about finding them.

Ah-ha! They seem to be's hard to look around without seeing a little speck of red and black!
I was impressed with how gentle the kiddos were with them!

And a little surprised that they didn't mind the little bugs crawling all over their arms...but I guess they know nice bugs from the mean ones!

Even our own "ladybug" wanted in on the hunt! She really thinks she's five too!

And the other wildlife? Let's see, turtles, pheasants, birds galore (Madeleine's obsessed with birds!), and a precious stray kitten, who we thankfully found a home for--and not ours!!!


maggie holmes said...

hi there! you were one of the winners of my actions to test them out... will you email me? thanks!! :)

diane said...

Those are some great photos Kimber-Leigh. It sounds like your summer is off to a great start.

yeah for winning an action to test out!

Courtney said...

So sweet.

casey boyd said...

Those are some adorable photos!!


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