Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Day for Mazes

Two weeks ago, the five of us went to a local farm maze. We all loved it. There was a petting farm (which we admired from a distance, as you who know our kiddos can imagine!)

We began with a hay bale maze that was short enough for all but Madeleine to see their way through. See that blur that is Hadleigh? That was typical all day long. She loved the challenge of the maze and loved that it was outside!
Here are my three, climbing to the top of "Ft. Apache" to see their next challenge. These bales were tall enough that only Brent and I could see our way around.
About half of what they saw. (and you can see the corn maze in the distance.)
All together at the top. Hadleigh was really good at finding her way and leading us through the maze.
Every so often, there would be a bench of straw which the kids thought was fun. Hadleigh wanted to take pictures at each stop. :)
Here we are at the entrance to the corn maze. Brent had a map...but let the kids try different paths to see where we ended up.
At one point, he sent Hadleigh in one direction and Nathanael in the opposite, and we could hear them giggling as they met halfway around the circle!
It was such a gorgeous day...the wind in the cornstalks and the warm sun shining through made me long for a blanket and an outdoor nap!
Hadleigh stayed in the lead most of the time...but she was very cautious about losing anyone in the maze. If any of us got out of her sight, she'd run to find us.
There was a great playground for playing after we conquered the maze, complete with a haybale pyramid to climb!
And a much picked-over pumpkin patch...but the countryside was beautiful. All in all, a gorgeous day to be in a fun place! Can't wait to do it again next year!


michele said...

what a cool maze! i can't believe the corn is still green, though! wow!! looks like such fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun memories! And a great family picture!
I can't wait to to see you all! Mom

Sasha said...

Wonderful pics .. I missed this years maze .. but I still need to go just for the picture lol.

Blessed Rain said...

Sounds like one great day!


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