Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy May.

Seriously? We're five days into May? And I had such a fun and colorful May Day post planned. Maybe next year.

April and May have been (and will continue to be) so very busy.

We've spent a bit of every morning and every afternoon and every evening enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. (Yes, it's still windy.)

We've wrapped up the majority of our "scheduled" yearly activities, which has left five full mornings this week. Fabulous. There is just something to say for an unscheduled workweek.

We've had dentist appointments...three little healthy smiles! (And my word of advice to all new parents? Take you child to the dentist at age two. At least. She was a pro...hardly batted an eye. Her older brother and sister (who started the dentist a little later in life than two?) not so much. You'd think they would know the drill by now. (And, yes, Mom, I do remember who their mother is. Sigh.)

And currently? These three cuties?

Are ALL sleeping simultaneously. A little bit of bliss on this gorgeous May day. I'm off to enjoy the moments I have left being creative. Or reading a book. Or sitting, soaking in the silence.


Melonie said...

Oh they are adorable!!

Katy said...

Cannot wait to see you five--love you


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