Sunday, August 01, 2010

August begins with a bang...


I love the month of August. (It is after all my birthday month...the end of summer...the time for buying school supplies and new books!) But this was not what I had intended for the first day of August.

Madeleine leaned back in her chair after lunch, fell backwards and hit her head on the hinge of the door. Bit her tongue. And scared herself (and me) nearly to death.

We made a quick beeline for the ER, where I stayed with my littlest for almost five hours. It was a painful visit...given the waiting time (we were in triage after an hour but then back to the waiting room)...Madeleine was happy unless something touched her head. She colored. And rearranged furniture. Played with the activity table. Sipped on a water bottle. Ate M&Ms. Spilled her water bottle. Colored some more. Rested a little. Took three trips to the bathroom. :)

I'll spare you all the details and venting of our visit...suffice it to say that at the end of waiting, those attending her decided that all she needed was a pressure bandage.

Here is my sweet little, no-nap trooper...who thought her "headband" was very fun. Thankful for that...and ultimately thankful that her wound didn't require anything more painful to help it heal.

We proceeded to get Mexican food for dinner. Yum. And then ice cream and a movie for our little injured one. :) The day had a better ending.

Poor thing...I hate it when my babies hurt...


Anonymous said...

...I need to come and give her a KISS! She was so brave, and I'm glad stitches were not needed! I can't wait to see you! XXXOOOXXX

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

She looks like an adorable mini-Brett Michaels.
ha ha ha!

Lexi said...

I just found your blog thru the SC message board :)
OH MY WORD!! I did this EAXCT same thing when I was 2..or so my mom says! I feel backwards out of a barstool and bit a hole in my tongue --YIKES! She sure looks cute for such a rough day :)


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