Sunday, September 19, 2010

So, it's September...

And somehow I have been quite absent from here. I'm sorry for the unexpected hiatus.

I've missed it. Missed recording thoughts and images here. (I even missed talking about my birthday. Now, that's out of character!)

Truth be told, we've been busy.

This year has really marked the entrance into a busier season of life. And I'm still navigating what that looks like for us. And for me. I'm not a big fan of busy.

But I think I'll be around more now. We're getting into the groove of our new school year (accompanied by shorter naptimes for an almost-three year old. sigh.) and so I'm learning to seize the little moments in my day. And I've found that I still have time to blog when I make good use of my time.

So here we go again. I hope you'll continue to join me!


Hilary said...

Welcome back, my friend. I was worried about you. I'm glad that it was just busyness that kept you away. I missed you.

Ella said...

i'm glad you're back, too! look forward to more! :)

diane said...

I think the beginning of the school year always takes some adjustment. I hope you are feeling settled and finding a new routine. It's good to have you back!


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