Friday, September 30, 2011

Thoughts Today

on September Thirtieth...

1. I hope to be closer to our family on the east coast one day...but I will miss tremendously the Big Sky that we've loved in Texas and Oklahoma these past 7 years.

2. Eight years ago today, Hadleigh was due to be born.  But I had to wait eight more days to finally meet her.

3. Today is my precious grandmother's birthday.  She would have been 101.  I miss her.

4. Today is the end of the fiscal year.  And yesterday was the final day of flying for Brent's squadron.  They now work to close the squadron...and we await what the future holds for our family. Lots of mixed emotions.

5. I've had the easiest and most minute details on my teux-deux list for weeks now.  Trying to cross them off one by one today. (And do you add things you've done to your list, just to cross off? I do! I'm adding clean the fridge...because that took some time today!)

6. I like the Salted Caramel Mochas at Starbucks.

7. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing AND getting projects done.  Going to see The Help finally with a friend tomorrow...and hoping to get some autumn decorating done. And switching seasons in the kiddo's closets tomorrow.

8. What are you thinking about today?


Ursula said...

that is a gorgeous sky. I would miss the skies here if ever I left also

Michele H. said...

oh...i'm totally a "add to the list just to cross it off" type of person:) and i need to try that salted caramel mocha soon - i've heard nothing but good things about it.


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