Thursday, October 20, 2011

He's six today.


Six years of knowing that special bond between mother and son.

Six years since I spent the first week of your life praying that we'd bring you home from the NICU.

Six years since I first experienced middle-of-the-night feedings. (Your big sister...she spoiled us a bit!)


Precious years of delighting in your many expressions, of treasuring your sweet hugs and kisses, of savoring your head resting on my shoulder as you soundly slept.


Sweet years of holding that little hand in mine, of staring into those big blue eyes, of kissing those bruises and bumps that come with being all-boy.


Busy years of seeing firsthand how very different boys and girls are, of watching you delight in dirt and sticks and mud, of witnessing your curiosity about this world.


Fun years of hearing your detailed thoughts, of watching you play pretend, of listening to you quote your favorite movies and stories.

Amazing years of watching how quickly you learn, of hearing your sweet prayers as you "say the words after Daddy," of being in awe of your childlike understanding of the Word of God.


Wonderful years of listening to you sing joyfully, of watching you make close friends, of being thankful for your relationships with your sisters.

almost six

Today, I held your hand. It still fits in mine...different than years before but good.  

Today, I heard soft words from your tender heart.

Today, I watched you...and was filled with joy and gratitude that God gave you to us.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Nathanael.

I love you, birthday boy.

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