Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 on the twelfth

May edition in Fredericksburg, VA

As a mother's day gift, Brent gave me Saturday to myself...and so I decided to travel to Fredericksburg and get acquainted with the historic city.  It was such a lovely day...I loved getting to explore at my own pace...and appreciated the break from unpacking!  I am definitely looking forward to exploring it as a family next!

  1.  Beautiful blooms on our back porch in my daughters favorite colors. :)
  2.  Yummy oatmeal and hazelnut coffee at Panera.
  3.  After some shopping, a lunch stop at Eileens, which lives in a beautiful old church building.
  4.  Curried chicken salad sandwich and a great salad.
  5.  Violet Italian Soda...refreshing, unique, and the prettiest shad of lavender!
  6.  So many terrific used bookstores! This one was my favorite.
  7.  Loved the surprise of this courtyard at the back of a garden shop...
  8.  ...especially, the collection of blue window shutters with these tiny flowers!
  9.  Home again, and my oldest, inspecting our patio garden...
10.  ...and its first strawberry fruits!
11.  Another gorgeous Virginia sunset...just look at the clouds!
12.  I came home to a gourmet meal from Brent, topped off by these Strawberry Mousse parfaits.


Jen Kershner said...

Your hubby sounds like a sweetie! I'm looking forward to exploring Fredericksburg on our next trip!

Missy said...

Can we go to #6 together? Please?


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