Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hello August

Somewhat early this morning, as I walked outside, I could feel August.

For me, early August mornings are ever so slightly crisp with the lingering night air and yet full of the promise of the day's humidity.


There is a smell about August mornings that makes me believe I am still sixteen and leaving for the first day of my last year of school. Pictures in the garden before we go.  Ever so slightly misty.

On that day, I was technically still taller than Michael (though this picture doesn't seem like it), who now towers above me.  Senior and freshman.  I was excited to share the year with my brother...our first time at the same school since 5th grade. I probably hadn't slept much the night before...after twelve years, the first day still held excitement.

sixteen years ago

Oh, the earrings. A pair of twisted gold hoops were my Mom's, borrowed from the same jewelry box drawer as her high school class ring. I still have them. That shirt was from the Gap. I still have that too.

Parking in the senior lot that first day.  First period AP English. An assembly with the new principal & a class-wide reprimand for chewing gum. Cheerleading practice after school. I don't remember much else about that first day.

But the smell of early August mornings takes me right back.

How about you?


Jennie M said...

what fabulous memories! it makes me happy you shared them. :)

Shea and Jacob said...

And you just took me back to those days too!


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