Friday, December 07, 2012

December Photo Challenge: Week one

Here's my week one! 
If you'd like, you can follow along daily via my instagram: kimberleighd!

 Day 1: My view
Tree hunting at a local (and pretty!) tree lot!

Day 2: Favorite Christmas movie
I don't know if it's the music or the romance or the Vermont setting...
but I love this one every year!

Day 3: Red
We have a random assortment of ornaments...
but a strong red theme unites the tree!

 Day 4: Joyous
A project I made last year...trying to figure out
the right place to put it in our new house!

Day 5: Temperature 
We had some warmer days this week;
but hoping that after this weekend, it stays cold!
(No more 70 degree temps in December, please!)

 Day 6: Shopping
Mostly online...but a bit of traditional shopping too.
(I love Christmas packaging!)

Day 7: Bright (and sparkly!) 
As a CookingLight Tastemaker, I received this lovely necklace this week!
They have some gorgeous jewelry right now!

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laurab said...

These are great photos so far.


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