Monday, November 18, 2013

Today, I burnt the oatmeal.

This Monday morning dawned as most do after returning from a girls getaway weekend with old, dear friends.

I'm thankful that I've learned over the years, that reentry isn't always easy.

Today I am tired from three way-too-late nights chatting with friends, which didn't help my recovering-from-an-awful-cold state of health.

Today, I burnt the oatmeal my children were looking forward to. And then the second pot boiled over.

Today, I was in pajamas for my longer than I had hoped to be.

Today, little voices were louder than they should have been and not quite kind.

Today, I reached for the Shout to treat some stains on my daughter's dress and realized too late that a bottle of Windex had taken the normal place of the Shout. Oops. (And thankfully, a quick rinse seems to have saved the far.)

Not an ideal beginning to a new week. But I was prepared for the possibility.

And so despite the Monday-ish beginning...the rest of the day has been sweet.

Strong coffee and a perfect afternoon snack.

Sweet and patient learners with no tears today.

Happy lunch-eaters with no complaints today.

A grace-receiving Mommy who's thankful for the good and trying moments of today.

This weekend was a sweet reminder of the many blessings I've been given by the most-generous Giver. A time where my heart was full and my soul feels refreshed and encouraged.

And just like I can return to my normal after such a full weekend, I find myself able to return here today, after almost a month's absence and a failed 30 days blog series.

So, I'm welcoming myself and you back today!


Jen Kershner said...

So happy to see you back here friend. There is no failure. Just other opportunities.

Here's hoping your day begins better tomorrow but ends just as sweetly.

Kim said...

My days are always sweeter when I hear from you. I'm sorry the oatmeal burnt and boiled over...I'm sure it was still better than Sunday morning's oatmeal. I hope you have a wonderful night's sleep tonight!

Bekah Gant said...

Isn't it a blessing that there is grace in the fall-down and cry moments?

Praying that you will carry the refreshment from your previous week and draw from it.

Love your spirit.

Anonymous said...

As Lewis would say, "The cross comes before the crown, and tomorrow is a Monday morning." Praying for your re-entry again tomorrow.
Love and hugs


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