Friday, December 13, 2013

slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

I remember chanting those words at a similar time of year in a very different season of life.

Eighth grade cotillion.

You could see the boys nod their heads and mouth the words. A few of the girls were seamless in their execution of the steps. A few, you could tell, were counting their steps silently.

Slow. Slow.
Quick, quick, slow.

That's how I feel about the last few weeks...a combination of quick and slow.

A slow onset of autumn weather...followed by a few summer-like days.

A quick November (I was traveling over three of the five weekends.)

A slow drive to Virginia for Thanksgiving...and a wonderfully slow five day visit with Brent's brother's family...lots of time spent watching eight cousins enjoy time together.

A quick onset of the advent season, as we returned home December 1.

A quick trip to cut down our Georgia tree (some type of lacy Cypress...a first for us!) And a quickly decorated tree...all in the same evening!

Quick shipping of gifts (Lots of love for Amazon Prime.)

A slow and gradual approach to decorating. It always seems to take me a little longer to decorate the first year in a new home...and this year was no different!

Quick mornings and days...trying to find rhythm and balance for Christmas activities and homeschooling and wrapping gifts and the next stage of paperwork for our adoption and the usual upkeep of a home at Christmas.

A slowing down to enjoy time read our advent devotions and light the candles.

A slowing (to almost a stop!) of blog there's been much to say but not many moments to say it.

Quick weeks, full of good and fun activities with friends and our church family...

And quick nights; I am definitely putting in my night owl hours.

I'm looking forward to this next week...with a slower pace of school beginning Monday (just math & reading) evening plans scheduled at all...and time to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.

I hope that in the midst of the "quick, quick" this season, you also find slow moments, to rest and reflect on the Hope and Joy and Peace that advent recalls.


Pamela Stover said...

Your children are so beautiful- you captured a wonderful moment. Best of luck with the adoption, I can't wait to read your updates! Merry Christmas!

Jen Kershner said...

That tree is beautiful! I bet it smells good too.

For about the last month I feel like it's been nothing but quick, quick, quick and finally this weekend nothing but slow. I love the slow. And we were lucky enough to get a big 'ol snow storm on the very weekend we had nothing planned. Perfect. I'm glad to see a post from you. I hope enjoy your slow this next week.

Bekah Gant said...

I think I must have missed your announcement about the adoption. I'd love to know more! I'll be praying, as I know that can sometimes be a (very) long process. Someone is going to be so blessed to have you and Brent as a Mommy and Daddy!


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