Thursday, February 06, 2014


So this happened yesterday.

It's not her first lost tooth. It's number three. (Though you might have guessed it was number one by her squeal as she ran downstairs to show me.)

It's number three, but my eyes filled with tears just like they did when that first bottom one became wiggly.

They teared up just like they did when the very first last first tooth...appeared in that baby grin some five and a half years ago.

My eyes will likely tear up over that smile again...when she loses that other top one soon. And the last time I see her before the braces go on. And then before they come off.

I imagine I will tear up when I first see that "finished" smile. The one that she will be known for. The only smile that most people in her life will know.

But when I see her smile, I always see them all, woven together. A smile that has become.

And I count it a precious privilege to be the keeper of her smiles.


stephanie howell said...

Oh sweet girl-
I identify with this post with all of my heart. I totally cry every time Harper loses11 a tooth. I can't help it! Love you!!!

Stephanie said...

Henry hasn't lost a top one yet and I think about it every time I see his "baby" smile. Going to miss that!

Jen Kershner said...

And this morning you've made me tear up too. I get it. And soon my baby's braces will come off and I'm quite sure I will tear up then too.

Denise Price said...

It's wonderful that you captured this moment in a photo. Kids change so fast; it's good to celebrate all the little changes.


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