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Two different looks at StitchFix

It's been quite a while (almost a year, actually) since I've blogged about Stitch Fix. Since then, I've received two shipments from Stitch Fix and thought I'd blog about them, even though one of them was from last fall. (If Stitch Fix is new to you, I explain the service after my review below.)

I was disappointed to learn that my stylist Jen was no longer styling for Stitch Fix. I really loved her eye and ability to select things I loved while always pushing me a little bit to try something different.

Stitch Fix No. 5 was a bit of a disappointment at first sight. Usually, I'm excited about the pieces even if they don't work out. This box just seemed blah. I noticed a lot of tiny polka dots…which I like but not in three different items all at once. 

1. Kensie Lavon Dot Detailed Button-up Cardigan in blue. This cardi had some cute details but the fabric seemed thin for winter and the length was shorter than I prefer. Pretty color but it reminded me of a cardigan set I had in college. Sent back.

2. 41Hawthorn Jace Dot Print Fit and Flare Dress. I didn't find this flattering at all.

3. 41Hawthorn Longsleeve Knit Cardigan. I love this style of cardigan. I love the softness of the fabric and how it matched so well with the scarf pictured, a gift from a dear friend. I chose to keep it even though it is oh-so-similar to the one I received in my first Stitch Fix.

4. Crosby Ford Bootcut Jean. These didn't fit. I loved the style and details and quality of the denim but I have a hard time finding jeans in-store that I like, so I knew these would be a long-shot. And they were so. very. looooong.

5. Renee C Rossi Polka Dot Blouse. I thought this was cute, but in the end, I didn't think it would get much wear in the winter AND most of my polka dots in my closet are black and white tops. So I sent it back.

Here are some details shots. I noticed that they now send the styling cards as a perforated printout sheet, instead of in the plastic sleeves. Pro…the plastic sleeves were attached by a swing tag to each garment, which often made it more difficult and uncomfortable to try on. And since they're not attached to the clothing, you can keep the cards even if you don't keep the clothes, giving you some future ideas for styling! Cons…I liked having the cards in the plastic sleeve as it seemed more of a personal gesture and not an afterthought. 

Consensus…I had a new stylist, but I got the feeling that she hadn't spent as much time getting to "know" me as my previous stylist. And even though I chose to keep the green cardigan, I was a bit disappointed to receive an almost exact copy of a previous purchase from them. To be fair though, I didn't give many concrete suggestions for what I was hoping for, so I decided that I'd wait until the spring (as I have way too many sweaters for the winter already) and give it another try.

I received Stitch Fix No. 6 in the late spring. It was already getting warm here in Georgia, so I requested some spring to summer items. I also requested a skirt and a new stylist. When I opened the box, I was happy. Ellyn sent me what I had come to expect from StitchFix.
1. Tart Burrowes Striped Short Sleeve Shirt. I wasn't too sure about the shape of this (it seemed a little boxy) but I really loved it once it was on. The fabric was a wonderful quality and the contrasting size of stripes was a great detail. I really wanted to keep this one (and now I kind of wish I did) but in the end $48 for a tee seemed a little high.

2. Loveappella Montgomery Striped Cross-Front Tank. I really wanted this one to work. I love the style, the color, the drape…but in the end, it just didn't look great on me. But so cute. (Made me want some more grey in my closet.

3. 41 Hawthorn Pink Selfridge Cowl Neck. This fabric was baby-clothes-soft. Very flattering and the color was nice. But it reminded me of a similar top I used to have (in style and color) that I never wore, so I decided to pass on this one, especially at the beginning of the summer.

4. Mavi Gold Malcom Bootcut Jean. Different jean, same old story. Didn't fit well. I have always had a hard time finding jeans that fit well in all the right places, so I'm reluctant to spend $$$ when they're not a perfect fit.

5. LA MADE Logan Jersey Swing Skirt. I didn't have a skirt in this style, and I loved it. Love the color. Love the fabric. Love the style. I do wear a slip under this one because this jersey fabric needed a little extra coverage. I kept it and have worn it with a white top and either a scarf in cooler weather or a long necklace in the summer.

So, once again, I'm happy with Stitch Fix. And looking forward to my next order!

If this is all new to you, here's how it works:

1. You sign up (via an invitation link) online, and once your account is created, you complete your style profile. This part is fun...it's kind of like a quiz. You fill out size, fit, and style preferences, as well as a price range you prefer to shop within. You can also link to a Pinterest board, so the stylists can get a good sense of your style. 

(screenshot of a portion of the style profile)

2. There is a wait time currently involved…and lately, it has grown. But it's definitely worth the wait.

3. Once you're approved and your style profile is complete, you schedule when you'd like to receive your first order or "fix." A StitchFix stylist handpicks items for you based on your profile; the fee for this service is $20...but you can apply the full $20 towards your purchase.

4. The package ships USPS and include 5 items. When your StitchFix box arrives, you get to try on clothes in the comfort of your own home...and with pieces from your own wardrobe.  This is one of my favorite features of the company. 

5. Within three days, choose what you love and then send back the rest, using the prepaid Priority envelope enclosed. Go online to StitchFix and checkout. You complete a survey for checkout, which further defines your profile and gives good feedback to the stylist for next time. You pay only for what you keep...and if you keep all items sent, you get 25% off the total purchase. 

6. Then, choose to schedule your next StitchFix shipment as frequently or infrequently as you like! I love that you can leave a note for your stylist about an event or season you want kept in mind when selecting items!

Also, StitchFix now offers gift certificates, so if you've been wanting to try, maybe request a gift certificate for your birthday or Christmas. I love that they offer this now!

Finally, this is not a sponsored post. I am receiving no compensation for this review from StitchFix. However, much like other online retailers (like ZulilyOne Kings LaneSole Society, etc.), StitchFix promotes their brand through referral links. So if you sign up through the links I've given here, I earn a one-time credit with StitchFix if you sign up and purchase. (And once you sign up, if you share your referral code with your friends, YOU earn credit! Win-win!)

I've earned some credit through some of you...so THANK YOU! Let me know about your StitchFix experience! And if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them in the comments or by email!

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