Monday, March 27, 2006

it will soon change

But, I want to remember her voice right now. The way she pronounces "her" words.

Hadleigh's 2.5 year old vocabulary amazes me each day...but still sometimes gets lost in translation.

Peacock means either

  1. her brother's burp cloth
  2. a big truck
  3. a literal peacock (context is key here...I spent forever the other day while driving trying to find the peacock she spotted on the road before I realized that she saw the garbage truck and the red Ford pickup and the semi. gotcha.)

More sgick means that she needs some new stickers and would really prefer those in Mommy's stash to those of her own. I love the way she still says "Daddy's GT" whenever we drive by (or near) the Ford dealership. "Angyou Mommy" is the sweetest thank you you have ever heard in your life. And still my favorite, every morning when I first change his diaper and she's in the living room watching her "E-O" (video) she calls out loudly:

"I lou, Naniel." Translation: I love you, Nathanael.

"I lou, Hadleigh."


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Anonymous said...

she looks exactly like abby

Anonymous said...

she looks exactly like abby


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