Monday, March 27, 2006

one down.

twenty to go!

The first day was pretty easy. Beginnings tend to be easy for me. Perseverance and follow-through...for 20 days. Pretty cute to look to my side while I was stretching and exercising and see Hadleigh stretching her arms too (watching the video and not me!) Yes, she woke up at ten 'til 6. Mmmhmm. (Extra motivation out of bed!)

One thing I know I will enjoy is the art journal...stretching my *creative* boundaries...I don't paint much (can't you tell?) so I plan on practicing techniques in my journal so that I can confidently attack them in my scrapbooking! More paint to come...probably in smaller doses:)

Quote design in journal by Rhonna Farrer, host of The {21} Challenge.


Eminepala said...

Your first page looks just adorable.. Love it...
I can't wait to see your other pages... Good luck with the challenge...


twistedsoda said...

Looking forward to the 21 day challenge w/you!


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