Monday, July 10, 2006

Savoring this moment.

After being passed by two storms this weekend, I am finally enjoying a little afternoon shower.
(It is really depressing to live on the edge of town and to see all the storms on the horizon and watch them pass you. Like, by an inch. Not fair.)

Not a thunderstorm, but still, the rain and clouds are most welcome here!

And so I am sipping my Earl Grey tea and eating my Pepperidge Farm cookies (French vanilla milanos are SO good!) and thinking of what a great day it has been. Hadleigh and Nathanael have been great today... got some cleaning done, errands done...and now it's nap time and I can enjoy these couple hours and do something for me! (Oh, and I got the sweetest email from Brent, asking if I wanted to get a babysitter for fun!)

I find that I really need ME time these days...a little time to clear my thoughts by writing, reading, scrapbooking...something that is just a little bit of an indulgence. Not much. Even a couple quiet moments with a cup of tea will do it.

What moment are you savoring today?

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Jill said...

OOh, I savor many moments each day. But today, I especially savored the short moment my son (who just moved out)stopped by to say hello. Nothing major...but sweet and cherished. Those are the best, don't you think?
I know what you mean by storms missing you by an inch...very dry and hot here in Nebraska, too...Enjoy your blog by the way...


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