Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Happy Birthday to my sweet husband! I love getting to celebrate his birthday...figuring out the perfect gift...making a special birthday dessert (Brent's not a big cake fan!)...planning special things to do together and as a family! We have a special dinner at home (with presents) planned for tonight...and then a fun-filled weekend! (We are firm believers in "Birthday Weekends"!)

One of my favorite birthday traditions for Brent is a decorated spiral notebook that is a collection of birthday messages/pictures from the children each year! It is special to see him flip through from Hadleigh's first birthday picture for him to the current year! (And it's a great way to keep them all together...instead of a box filled with cards!)

He works so diligently for our family (and our country) so it is truly a privilege to get to celebrate him! Happy Birthday sweetheart, I love you!

(And tomorrow, I will share the recipe for this year's birthday dessert...so stay tuned! It's yummy!)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Brent...We are so thankful that Kimber-Leigh married you, and you are a part of our family... We wish you birthday blessings as you celebrate your 31st birthday....WOW! We love you dearly, Mom and Dad


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