Monday, April 09, 2007

Time with her

Katy came to visit for Easter time with her is always refreshing...and always seems to pass too quickly. (And I find that we never get to take a picture together...for sure next time Katy!) Hadleigh adores her Aunt Katy...wants to be everywhere she is and if she can't be with her, she wants to know what Aunt Katy is doing.

We had some wonderful hours of just talking and sharing...during naptime and late into the night (well, as late as I could stay up!) It is truly a joy to be able to call my "baby" sister a dear friend. I love that she shares her heart with me...that she is transparent and genuine...that she is thoughtful in what she says...that she loves others so much. I love how much fun she is...that we enjoy so many of the same things...that she loves to help me in the kitchen (she made us an AMAZING dinner Saturday night...delicious!)...that she absolutely adores her niece and nephew...that she seeks to follow Christ with all her heart. She truly has the heart of a servant, and I treasure that about her!

I am thankful that we are blessed to have lived so close to one another these past few years. She is a true blessing to me!

Can't wait to see you again soon Katy!


Jillian Marie said...

How very special that you two share all that you do, Katy sounds like an amazing sister and friend! I am happy to hear you Easter was lovely!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my girls ! Each of you bring me such joy.... Blessings to you, Mom

Suzanne said...

what a wonderful relationship you have with your sister; I would have loved a sister, even a brother would have done :D


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