Thursday, June 21, 2007

Clean vs. Neat

This weekend while Brent's mom (lovingly called Kammy) was visiting, the two of us talked about keeping things clean versus neat. We both agreed that keeping things neat, tidy, and organized comes easily to us. But neither of us just love to clean, though it must be done.

I often apologize to friends in advance for my house not being more "clean". And of course, they come over and express disbelief at how I could think things were dirty. But they really mean neat. I am pretty good at reigning in clutter...but I just really don't like cleaning. I wish I loved to vacuum and sweep and scrub baseboards but it just doesn't come naturally.

So I love it when I find cleaning products that work really well and/or make my cleaning responsibilities a little bit easier. So I thought I would share some with you.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Toilet that it scurbs easily, flushed the yucky stuff away, and hangs discreetly from the side of the toilet, thanks to the enclosed hook!
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...seriously, works wonders on just about everything! I keep stocked up...because you never know where crayon will end up! (Nathanael hasn't yet figured out why I willingly give him the white crayon when he's running around the office.)
Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes...nice and easy...I really just use these for cleaning the toilet surfaces, although you can use them in the bath and sinks.
Sprayway Glass Cleaner...I was raised on Windex, but for mirrors, this really can't be beat! Makes leaving a streak-free mirror pretty easy (...although never ever ever ever again will I have a huge sheet of mirror in a bathroom...)
Easy Off BAM Grime, Lime, and Soapscum Remover...okay, seriously, this is the best stuff. We have hard water and our glass shower door was impossible to clean until I found this. It makes clean up so much easier...just make sure to wear gloves, cause the stuff is pretty strong.
Bounty Paper Towels...I can't remember the name of the particular towel, but I think they are the ones that are supposed to help prevent streaking...I like them because they hold up well and last awhile.
Bar Keepers Friend... is a great cleaner for the kitchen. I use mine especially on my AllClad Stainless Steel cookware and my copper teakettle (a friend gave it to me as part of a wedding gift...and it was a great discovery!) It has many uses, so check it out!
And it's hard to see in the picture, but our "dustbuster" is in the picture too...and it makes such an easy job of cleaning the crumbs from the two spots around our dining room table that consistently are a mess. Can you guess whose seats I'm talking about? Brent brought ours home a few weeks ago, and I am so glad he did. I pull it out all the time!

Now if only I could find an overhead vacuum system that would retrieve dust periodically throughout the day...because our house is dusty 10 minutes after being dusted. I am not exaggerating! Thankfully, dusting is one of the chores I enjoy...a great way to multitask while talking on the phone!

Do you have any great cleaning products you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!


jess said...

um, if you find a vaccuum system you wrote about... please let me know!! LOL!!!
Xx Jess

Felicia said...

I know just what you mean! Daily decluttering works for me but getting out the brooms, mops and cleaning supplies always seems to be a major chore :)

Shawna said...

I just love anything that comes in "wipes" b/c they are super efficient and effective. :)

Although, I must confess: My housekeeper comes for the first time next Wed so that I don't have to worry about cleaning with a new baby and an "apt" full of guests for a while. I'm secretly giddy about it, actually.

Like you said, I'm happy to pick up and keep things neat. I just need someone to help with the deep cleaning once or twice a month - you know?

diane reeves said...

Prior to kids I was clean and I am thankful if things look neat at the end of the day. I love the dry swiffer. It is great for our wood floors, especially with a black lab that sheds LOTS in the summertime and a crawling little one.

I really want to get a dust buster, especially for quick clean ups on the car floor and in car seats. What kind do you have?

Hilary said...

I am with you...reigning in clutter is so much easier (and more fun) than actual cleaning--everything has a basket.

My favorites are...

my *new* Electrolux Pronto stick vac+hand vac

Clorox bleach wipes...I keep them in the boys' bath...we need them ALL the time

Formula 409--my failsafe in the kitchen--though I think I'll try Barkeeper's Friend on my stainless appliances

And of course...the Swiffer!

Though my favorite trick to making everyone think your house is clean...the Glade Scented Oils fan. It smells so good. I get comments all the time...suckers!

Jillian Marie said...

This is perfect, TFS! Like you, I can control the clutter, but anything involving cleaners and such...I am right there with you!

I have never tried the bar cleaners friend, that sounds like the answer to all my problems ;)

I sware by the magic eraser, and love soft scrub for my bathrooms. For those extraordinary job's clorox clean-up works fabulous! I'd have to say, that by far the best invention ever is the swiffer vaccum/sweeper, I hated sweeping until now :)

Susan Coish said...

Anything that I can clean quickly with works for me!!


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