Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Emily & Ryan

On June 2, I was privileged to be a part of Emily and Ryan's wedding day.

Emily and I were pretty much inseparable in our first few years of high school. We used to talk about what our wedding days would be like and dream of who we were to marry.

So I knew that Ryan was "the guy" the first time I met him...over Christmas of 2003, I think. There was just something about the way he treated her, looked at her, spoke with her. I remember smiling at Emily later that night and wondering to myself (and maybe out loud to her) when the wedding day would be.

And it was a beautiful day (the rain held off until we left the reception, indeed an answer to prayers)...the ceremony was outside on the golf course...and I can't remember a more beautiful setting for a wedding than this...God's creation was the perfect backdrop for such an occasion. Emily and Ryan were radiant, so happy to finally be man and wife.

Thank you, Emily and Ryan, for such a special day, for being such special friends.

(And thanks to Jill and Jane for sending me the pictures from the wedding! Below is one of my favorites of the bride and groom, taken during the rehearsal dinner.)

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