Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bits of Happiness

  • There is Banana Bread (with pecans) baking in the oven right now. Yummy. I love to eat it toasted with a tiny bit of butter. And tea.
  • This little girl pictured above shares my "cheesy grin for pictures" that I had when I was her age. That makes me smile. And how cute is she with all her "jewels" on?
  • Yesterday in the late afternoon, we had a very quick but heavy thunderstorm.
  • I'm trying to figure out a recipe for Banana Nutella Crepes from one of our favorite restaurants in town (I'll share when I figure it out)...so yummy...we ate there Saturday night (date night!) in order to celebrate:
  • Brent's new job! We are so excited and thankful and glad to be moving further north. Okay, it's only to Oklahoma, but every little degree of latitude helps, right?
  • We've been looking at houseplans...and hoping that the one we really like will fit on the lot we really like! It's fun to get to daydream about a new home!
  • Mmmmm...I can smell the banana bread now!
  • In our backyard, there is a summer phlox blooming. This is a big deal because we planted them our first spring, thinking that they would do well...not so much. Too dry here. Lo and behold, a couple weeks ago, I noticed a plant had decided to say hello...thanks to our immense amount of rain this early summer! Such a fun surprise!
  • The ironing is all done!
  • A new Pottery Barn Kids catalog came today...filled with lots of fun ideas!
  • I think both kiddos are asleep AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe I'll get some crafty stuff done today! Yesterday, Miss H. fell asleep right as Mr. N was waking up. Nice.

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Shawna said...

Oh Kimber- Hadleigh is so cute. I love her smile and all the joy wrapped up in that one little face. She is SO grown up!

The tea place up here in NY has the most delicious Banana Nutella scones and I thought of you as I ate each bite. :) Come see me and let's go eat scones!!! Love you!


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