Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Everything Cold

Our family is all about Ice Cream. Popsicles. Snow cones. Frozen Yogurt. As long as it's sweet and cold, we're all smiles! Brent was given this little treat as a "Father's Day Gift", and we have really been enjoying it...our favorite so far is the Mocha Chip ice cream we've made...oh-so-good. I'm in search of a good ice cream cookbook now...any of you have recommendations?

Braum's is our neighborhood ice cream store of choice...they have the best peppermint ice cream ever, and Hadleigh is a huge fan of their strawberry ice cream, which she has recently started calling by its proper name instead of "pink ice cream". When I was little, I stopped biting my fingernails (thankfully!) due to Mom's promise of a Braum's ice cream cone with "two scoops"...a very big deal then...and still today! Braum's is a big deal in our family too...for Hadleigh never fails to call out "I see ice cream cone!" anytime we drive near a Braum's store...I'm amazed at how quickly she can spot their signs!

Other favorite ice cream places include...TCBY (white chocolate mousse, please), Marble Slab (my favorite is the sweet cream or cinnamon with strawberries and granola mixed in), Cold Stone Creamery (this page of their website is making me especially hungry right now!), I loved Amy's Ice Cream in college...definitely worth a stop if you're in the Austin area, and there's a new place in Waco that my sister introduced me to called Katie's Custard that is just delish! Already looking forward to my next visit there. Sadly, none of these places are in town...so if you live nearby one of these yummy places, go take advantage of that! In the meantime, I feel like tonight is a Braum's kind of night...or maybe Bluebell, my all-time favorite grocery-store brand, especially cookies and cream....hmmmm...what to choose....
So, what's your favorite ice cream store or ice cream flavor? And feel free to share ice cream recipes too!


Angela said...

Makin my mouth water here! lol We have a local "mom & pop" ice cream place here that I've loved since I was a child. We always stopped there on our trips up North...funny I ended up living in the vary town we loved to stop and check out all the time. But every time we pass it, my toddler says very sweetly "Ice Cweeeeeeeem?" lol It's so hard to tell him no so, we have ice cream several times a week! lol

My favorite from there is this awesome softserved orange. Brings back awesome childhood memories.

Kelly S. said...

I used to live in OK and we had Braums all over!
Would love one of their banana splits right about now!

lisa garay said...

oh, i love ice cream, too!
hope you have a great weekend, sweetie!

Shawna said...

Oh - how I miss Braum's and Bluebell and Amy's and Katie's Custard...there is nothing that compares up here in the ice cream world.

There is, however, a new place called Pinkberry. It's frozen yogurt and they have the freshest fruit and yummy granola toppings. We love it! It's 5 blocks away, so whatever calories are in there are hopefully gone by the time we get home. :) A truly perfect summer treat!

tonya said...

Oh I so miss Braums!!! I love the cappuccino chunky chocolate yogurt. YUMMY.


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