Friday, April 11, 2008

Where does the time go?

Tomorrow, this precious little girl will be six months old. These months have passed so quickly.
Too quickly.

This is such a fun age that I enjoy so much...but I love every stage that I have experienced with my children, and it is hard to believe that we are done with the "little baby" stage already. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. But time goes by and they grow so quickly...and bring such delight with every new day.
  • Madeleine sucks her thumb and I just love how cozy she looks when she does it...she'll take either one but seems to prefer her right one.
  • she pulls on her ear when she's sleepy.
  • she's working on getting her two bottom teeth right now (she seems to be bothered by them more than I remember either of her siblings being...but she still is so so pleasant and mild-mannered!)
  • she loves sitting in her bumbo seat on the table during lunch.
  • her face lights up when either Hadleigh or Nathanael give her the least bit of attention--she grins and talks right back at them.
  • she can say "da da da" and yesterday said "ma" for the first time.
  • we love kissing those precious cheeks and her pudgy little tummy.
  • she loves blowing bubbles
  • she is delighted with the sounds she can make (especially during church).
She bring such joy to our family. She is a delight...our angel baby.


Anonymous said...

She is our "angel baby". Not that Hadleigh and Nathanael weren't... but she is so content and happy almost all the time...I miss those sweet chubby cheeks....Dad and I wish we could share her 6th month birthday with you all...But I know it will be special with Auntie Katy and Alex there! Much love to you all, Mimi

Joel, Dot and Judah said...

I can't believe she is ALREADY so big. It really does goes so fast. She is so sweet!!

Shawna said...

happy 6 months! i love how she sucks her thumb...too sweet.

Stephanie said...

sweet picture! henry needs to come spend some time with her! i agree that the time does go so fast.


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