Wednesday, April 30, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel.

Brent met with our builder on Monday, and we have set a move-in date for May 19! The house should be ready the week before, but between meetings and my sister's graduation from college, we decided to wait...what's a couple more days, anyway? So we're busy making last minute decisions and stuff and really glad to see the house coming together.

I am really looking forward to setting up my kitchen and cooking again! (Until then, I think I'll be taking a break from recipe sharing...I need some inspiration!) It's fun to hear the kiddos talk about what they're looking forward to playing with--Nathanael is excited about his legos and Hadleigh can't wait for her books and her pink camera! And Madeleine...oh, sweet Madeleine will finally get to sleep in her crib. Brent is looking forward to setting up his workshop (and tackling that long list of furniture projects!) and I am eager to pull out my scrapbook stuff and create again. It's been a long time. Most of all, it will be good to "nest"...I kind of had to reverse nest preceeding Madeleine's birth since the house was on the market, and we were slowly packing up. So it will be so nice to make our new house into our home! I promise to share pictures!!!

I have found that this time in the TLF and the apartment have been a good reminder of what we really "need". We have had more than enough room to live comfortably, and I am so thankful that the kiddos really haven't seemed phased by being uprooted for so many (going on five now) months.

Having said that, I have to share something funny. The brochure for our apartment complex says "Luxury Apartment Living". If this is luxury living, then my roommates and I lived in Buckingham Palace during our college days! Seriously, two days ago, the toilet started overflowing...and not just a little bit. Water gurgling over. Thankfully I got it to stop quickly but the bathroom floor was covered in water. And the lineoleum in the bathroom...buckled...methinks this was not the first time the toilet has overflowed. And the toilet. It is embarrasingly dirty...and I have tried to clean it. Let's just say I'm glad none of us had the flu here. Yuck. And then there's the dishwasher that leaves little black pieces of sediment in crevices like sippy cup lids. I have to rinse out everything after it has attempted to dry in the dishwasher. And the dryer takes ages to dry anything if it's not on high heat. And there's a wrinkle in the carpet that Nathanael trips on at least every other day.

I'm not trying to complain here...these are little things that we're just living with for a couple months...but luxury living? A little misleading advertising for sure! :) :) :)


Joel, Dot and Judah said...

Yeah, luxury living sounds like QUITE a stretch!
I am so excited for yall! Back to some sort of normalcy! Yeah!!

Lisa Dickinson said...

ah, leave it to the ad guys to call that "luxury!" hopefully it's all just a set-up to make your new house seem that much more luxurious! :)


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