Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keeping busy...

Everyone keeps asking me how the kiddos have handled our move...I have to say, probably much better than me! :) We've done fun, creative stuff while cooped up inside...like these pipe cleaner and bead bugs Hadleigh made (gotta love the Klutz kits!) We've colored and stickered many, many pictures. Gone through sticker and coloring books like water. Made tunnels and bridges for Nathanael's cars and trains to travel on. We brought lots of books with us...and amazingly, the kiddos are still not tired of the originals! I, on the other hand, have added a few titles to our children's library for the sake of my reading sanity! Plus, I just really love books! It brings me such joy to see that both Hadleigh and Nathanael have a love for reading and books!
And Hadleigh and Nathanael are really starting to enjoy Madeleine more and more. They love to bring her toys...try explaining to your two year old (who thinks carrying five things around the house in his tiny chubby little boy hands constantly is normal) that Madeleine really can't play with more than one or two toys at a time. I'll have to take a picture of her "throne of toys" one day soon. But we love watching Madeleine roll over and sit up by herself and interact more and more with her toys! Just today, she made the "maa" sound...perfect, since she mastered the "daa" sound weeks and weeks ago!

What else? We go to the park a lot and to a children's museum here in town that is FABULOUS; we go on lots of drives, we get way too much ice cream. (Hadleigh has a new saying: "I need something to cool off my tummy." Hmmm.)
We take day trips to OKC...we went to this wilderness animal park (very non-zooish) where we saw tons of animals...even got to pet the cutest baby kangaroo. (But that will be it's own post soon.)
That's what we've been doing so far in 2008. Next week...we will begin keeping busy again. Unpacking. Organizing. Nesting. Making our new house into our home. Can't wait.


Joel, Dot and Judah said...

SO fun!!
And I cannot wait to see your new scrapbooks. Your kits look soooo cute!!

Angie said...

I really enjoy your blog and you have given me so many ideas. I even have you listed as one of my "daily doses" on my blog. I look forward to trying your lemonade recipe soon. :)

God Bless!

Shawna said...

so - your children are beautiful and precious in EVERY way. hadleigh resembles a little nevette and kimber. nathanael is such a little brent. madeleine reminds me of your dad for some reason...that look in the cute pic.

you are such a great mom and so creative. can't wait to hear more of your time in the house!


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