Monday, May 05, 2008

I thought of my answer.

A couple months ago, my best friends (Courtney, Shannon, Shawna, and Stephanie) and I were together for a girls weekend (when's the next one by the way?) Courtney had some fun questions that we talked about one night and one of the questions was:

If you could take any type of class to learn something better, what would it be? I had a hard time coming up with an answer and the girls suggested a cooking class (which would be great, by the way) to learn about different flavors and techniques.

I think I mentioned that having some direction in interior design would be great...but I really never answered the question completely.

But I stumbled upon this blog the other day and I realized my answer to the question:

I really wish I could learn to sew well and that it would come easily. I can sew straight lines and stuff (I made our children's crib bedding with a bit of help from a friend) but looking at a pattern just confuses me, and I don't want to just tackle a project for fear of wasting beautiful fabric.

This is the fabric that inspired me, a fabric line created by Sandi Henderson (her blog is called cute is that?!?):

Aren't these dresses just adorable? I'd love to be able to make such cute clothes for my girls!

My Marmie (my dad's mother) is the most amazing seamstress. She made so many beautiful clothes for me when I was little, made my aunt's gorgeous wedding dress, countless curtains for my Mom, as well as some fun toys and bears for me to play with when I was little. She just made a blanket for Madeleine...

I sat next to her so many times at her sewing machine...I just wish I had paid closer attention...wish I had known then that sewing was a skill I would have loved to have learned from her.

How about you? If you could take any type of class to improve on or learn a new skill or hobby, what would you choose?


Joel, Dot and Judah said...

Yeah for a great answer. I actually think this was my answer too, and inspired me to ask the question. If I could sew, I would make all the curtains in my house with the amazing fabric I salivate over in the fabric store. I would sew bags and baby blankets and burp cloths and everything else b/c I LOVE great fabric.
Yeah for a girls weekend revisit!!

Shawna said...

ahh - love that answer. maybe after you take the class you could teach me? :) i think my answer was and still is - oil painting. i love it and would love to learn how to do it day. :) love you! let's get together soon. oh wait - we get to see each other in just over a week! yay!

Tiffani said...

I would take a photography class, but for some reason, all that technical stuff about light settings and all never sticks with me. Kind of crazy because I was in a very technical profession, pre-children.

Did you see the dresses and outfits on the Grand Revival Design blog? They were made by someone else, but used her fabric. Too cute!


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