Friday, September 12, 2008

23 thoughts

about my little sister Katy, today on her 23rd Birthday. And they're a bit random. I wish I had all of our old pictures to share :) that would be FUN!1. Katy was an answer to prayer. I wanted a sister. I am so thankful that SHE is my sister. (And she was due on my birthday, how cool is that?)

2. She got the athletic genes in the female side of the family. Basketball...cross country...track...I've always admired how much she enjoys running. And growing up, she was "known" for that super-long blonde ponytail swishing back and forth as she ran up and down the court. I love the times I got to see her play. And run.

3. She kept every pair of basketball shoes in her closet up until college when I convinced her we had to give or throw them away. (That gene runs in our family too. The sentimental one.) I love this about her. Because I must admit that I do the same thing...but not athletic shoes. The other ones.

4. We are six years apart, seven years in school. When I was in middle school, she would get Valentine gifts from boys in her class in PRE school. I'll admit it. I was a tad bit jealous, even if I didn't like chocolate covered cherries or want Disney figurines!

5. She is fun to surprise. I'll never forget flying home from college for her 13th birthday to surprise her at the stroke of midnight because for years, she had been sad that I wouldn't be there. I'll never forget the hug she gave me when Brent and I surprised her at her "Surprise" Sweet 16. I was so thankful I could be there. Wish I was with her today.

6. She is a terrific cook and a wonderful photographer!

7. I admire her ability to step out in faith and trust God is the direction that He leads her.

8. She is one of the most generous people I know. She gives of herself so selflessly to so many.

9. One of my favorite pictures from my wedding is of my best friend Stephanie painting Katy's toes. Painted toes and curled hair...just for me, since it was my day. (It's no longer quite a big deal for her to paint her toes, do her hair, or wear makeup...but it was for a long time!)

10. She is a loyal friend. You couldn't wish for a truer one. I'm thankful she's not only my sister but also my friend.

11. She doesn't like cats very much because she took care of mine for my first year of college. I don't blame her. He wasn't a very nice cat, but she was so sweet to have done it for me.

12. She IS a dog person. She has a soft spot for all of the sweet dogs our family has had. She's always wanted a beagle...I guess we'll see if she gets one now that she's "on her own".

13. She has seen each of my children on the day they were born. And been at every birthday so far. I love the way she loves them. And the way they love her.

14. I'll never forget the day she decided to go to Baylor. It was THE day that you had to send in your acceptance letter. The LAST day. I called her and she was in tears over her decision between Baylor and Duke. I'm so thankful for your time there, Katy.

15. She gives THE BEST foot rubs. Ever.

16. She is a great listener. She is fun to laugh with. Easy to cry with. Perfect to be silly with.

17. We always stay up late into the night to talk when she visits. I love our deep conversations...and our not-so-deep ones too. And how we fall asleep on the couch.

18. We both share a love for Pride and Prejudice and You've Got Mail.

19. When we were all little, my brothers and I used to fight over who got to carry Katy on piggy-back at the beach. We have pictures to prove it. I can picture them now. We all adored her to pieces. We always said we'd put a brick on her head to keep her little. She grew up anyway. We still adore her to pieces.

20. She has a heart for ministry and mission work. She is a true blessing to those who she's around.

21. I love the relationship that Katy and Brent have. They are truly big brother and little sister. It's fun to see.

22. She has always wanted to be taller than me...but has yet to pass me in height!

23. She is faithful. As a friend. As a daughter. As a sister. And as a follower of Christ.

I love you Katy. I hope you have a wonderful birthday...have fun tonight!


Katy said...

my dear big sister, i love you. so much.

Shawna said...

happy birthday, katy! we all love and celebrate you and are excited to hear what God does through you this year at A&M!

Anonymous said...

my precious girls...i love you both dearly...and i'm so thankful to God that i could be your mom...i've been truly blessed.

anna dean said...

kimber-leigh! i am tearing up reading what you wrote about so true! LOVE the photos of the kids...I can't believe how much they have grown!!


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