Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Easy Reads

I have always been a reader. A stay-up-until-all-hours-til-it's-finished kinda girl. (ahem, Stephanie can vouch for that!)

But I go through phases with reading these days. A stream of parenting books. Then old favorites. Classics. New books that I hear good things about. But with lots of space in between. I no longer have as much time as I'd love to devote to reading, so I read in spurts.

That's one reason I love addition to all the lovely pictures :) I really enjoy reading "little" stories and articles. Some things just for fun and other things because I want to grow in different areas of my life. And it's not quite the time commitment during this stage of my life.

I've subscribed to all sorts of mags over the years...In Style in college (and I occasionally pick one of those up from the store), Martha Stewart Living for a long time and then off and on, Cooking Light when I got a good deal, The New Yorker while I was teaching, Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking for a few years...

Now I get these:

Cottage Living--I've been a subscriber since the very beginning. I have every issue. (It's the one that I can't bring myself to tear stuff out of and then throw away/pass on). I love the decorating stories...the Cottage Industry article is one of my faves! And they usually have some good recipes, and you know I love that!

Southern Living--I'm a southern girl, what can I say? I love this magazine for all the great ideas of things to do...both close to home and far away. Great ideas for trips to take. And DELISH recipes.

Victoria--I began subscribing about a year before they stopped publishing (a few years back) and was delighted when I found out they were starting the magazine last fall. Brent's parents gave me a subscription as a birthday gift last year and it's been great. Such beautiful photography and graceful lifestyles. They had a feature recently on the Biltmore Estate farms and it just made me homesick.

Better Homes and Gardens--I got a really good offer and I always buy their fall and winter magazines anyway, so I went for the subscription. (Are you always as tempted by autumn and holiday magazines as I am? I cannot resist.) Another one full of good decorating, gardening, and cooking ideas.

WORLD Magazine--We love this magazine for it's worldview in reporting news. Definitely refreshing from the mainline media slant. And Andrea Seu is such a gifted writer. I love reading her column.

and we just got our first issue today of God's WorldNews to put into our homeschool curriculum. Very excited about that...and my little girl was thrilled to get her OWN magazine in the mail. She loves mail. Like her mommy. :)

and here's a magazine that I don't subscribe to (yet)...but if he offered a subscription, I would be first in line to sign up.

Matthew Mead--I've talked about his great ideas and inspiration in the past, but he has a new special issue magazine out with ideas for Halloween. I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I see a lot of neat ideas for the fall, regardless. I really hope this magazine becomes a standard feature...because I love his website. Great decorating ideas, hostess tips, and uh, recipes, of course!

So, what are your favorite magazines? (And don't forget to look at the post below for today's recipe!)


restyled home said...

Thanks for entering my give-away contest!! I think there are many who wish his magazine would be a monthly..thanks for spreading the word! Hopefully, it WILL happen..!!!


Bekah said...

Real Simple - It's a magazine that covers a wide range of useful organizing! And your favorite: recipes!

Oprah Magazine - Another one that has a wide read of useful articles and ideas that are meant to uplift particularly the woman's spirit. And in a thoughtful way, not a cheesy way.

Smithsonian - A magazine that educates, informs, and entertains, all in one! Art, history, science, politics...everything is in this one!

Self - My "fluff" indulgence that reminds me to stop, to savor life, and to exercise (although I rarely do anymore!:-/).

It's great to "hear from" you again! Mom sent me a link to your blog! Where are you now??

Shawna said...

i get Real Simple - for the practical-ness (is that a word?) and good simple decorating ideas for small spaces.

Southern LIving - b/c I will always be Southern at my roots (and it's compliments of my mom).

Cookie - my "mom" magazine that I love and it has a lot of fun NY stuff in it.

That's it! Trying not to 'overdo' mags now...b/c who has time to read them all!? :)

Hilary said...

I was a devoted Real Simple fan until recently...I just got tired. I'll take a break and maybe renew in a few years.

BHG is the best...and I love their website.

I long for my Southern Living to arrive every month...I was so delighted last month to know one of the couples of one of the homes in Michael's home town of West Point, MS, kinda can take a girl out of the south....

And I get Country Home, but I think I'll switch to Cottage Living when my subscriptions up...I think I'm more of cottage style than country style.

I also received In Style and Cooking Light as gifts...much needed help since as a mom my style is fading and I always love lots of new recipes!

Stephanie said...

the only one i get is Real Simple, but i find that i don't read it very much lately. i want to, but other things usually take priority. since i can't even read this one, i won't let myself get any others.

and yes, there were many nights in college that we didn't get much sleep and it was not due to staying out all night. just reading in our beds...such good girls!


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