Saturday, February 07, 2009

Absolutely Gorgeous Outside

The temperature is in the low 60's right now and supposed to keep rising! As much as I love cold weather in the winter, it's a treat to get a little peek of spring! (But I'll probably start to complain if I can't have a fire in the next couple of days!!!)

While our boys went to play 9 holes of golf, my girls and I got Sonic drinks (vanilla Dr. Pepper for me, Strawberry Slush for Hadleigh) and then played outside on the swingset.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

(p.s. These pictures aren't from today but I forgot to take out my camera...the girls were in short sleeves today!)


Brian and Ella said...

cute pictures! and sonic dp's are my all time favorite, too, although i haven't added vanilla in a long time. yum! maybe tomorrow...

diane reeves said...

It's always a treat to go to get Sonic drinks.

Glad you have had such nice weather!

Girl time is always fun.


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