Thursday, April 09, 2009

things I love from today absolutely gorgeous spring morning

...comparing 2 Samuel and Psalms during Bible study this morning

...seeing these on my dining table (they remind me of you Steph, everytime I look at them! thinking of you guys especially today!)

...eating lunch with my three little ones around the kitchen table and realizing what a blessing that is...what a blessing they are!

...overhearing bits of phone conversation between Hadleigh and her Mimi and Hadleigh and Aunt Katy

...taking a catnap on the floor while the older two play in their room and my baby goes back in forth between them and me, occasionally resting her head against me and saying "Maa-mee" in that precious baby voice

...hearing my baby girl say "nigh-nigh" before naptime

...reading stories to Hadleigh and Nathanael on a quilt in the backyard as the wind started to whip around us...but it was so perfect outside otherwise

...Hadleigh's concern about if it was going to rain while we were reading stories outside

...this little girl's glee when she saw the UPS man approach with four big boxes from a special Easter bunny far away! (the picture's not from today, but I love that laugh!)

...seeing how much this little girl LOVES to be outside. i suppose i was destined to have three children who are outdoor kinda people :)

...laughing at the little "wake up jig" Nathanael dances when he wakes up in the morning and after naptime...or playtime, as it seems to be lately!

...looking forward to a long weekend with Katy and Alex

...a perfectly brewed cuppa Earl Grey

...friends that just make my heart happy

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Shawna said...

sigh - all happy things. hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend together!


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