Friday, May 22, 2009

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Hadleigh

A story in pictures:

(She didn't know we were watching from inside until the end. That fourth picture's my favorite. I think Marcella would be quite pleased. Only the tea party and a kite were missing!)


Ayesha said...

how sweet is that lol such a doll xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kimber-Leigh it brings back a flood of sweet memories to did the same thing with your "babies"...but you would take ALL of them outside to play! I love you, Mom

casey boyd said...

Those are some adorable photos!!

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at these pictures over and over...I can just hear Hadleigh singing to Raggedy Ann and telling her sweet stories about her day! I miss you and your sweet family... I can't wait to see you all in June!

p.s. I love the color coordinated 2 headbands!

Anonymous said...

absolutely precious!!

Shawna said...

Kimber!!! these pictures are amazing and capture the sweetest of moments.


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