Sunday, December 27, 2009

the week before Christmas

We drove to Breckenridge, Colorado to spend time with my family. Eleven of us. All together. These are special times. They are few and far-between. So I treasure them.

This was the view we enjoyed from the house. Breathtaking. The weather was gorgeous. We got a bit of snowfall as we drove into town and on the first night, but after that, nothing but beautiful clear blue skies and a bright warm sun.

The kids love being outside. You know that. The snow is NO exception. I think this is probably the most snow they've seen all together, as they've grown up in Texas and Oklahoma so far...and whenever we're in Asheville during the winter, we seem to bring warmer weather with us. Sigh.

But it's hard to miss snow in Colorado in the winter. :)

Nathanael was my snow explorer. He was soaked in snow and couldn't be happier. Snow up to his chest? No worries!

And I just love this grin. We had a nice little hill (courtesy of the driveway for our house) that we put to good use!
Adorable. What a little snowbunny.
In this picture she was pointing out that Jesus is in heaven now. (Just before she had said that Baby Jesus was in the snow. They've been acting out our nativity scenes for a few weeks now. Madeleine likes to be Mary. Just a sweet memory.)
She could have stayed out there all. day. long.
Totally in her element. And you should see the pics of her with her uncles. She adores them. It melts my heart.We also spent time skiing...decorating cookies...building a snowman...eating yummy food...putting together puzzles with missing pieces! more pictures to come (hint, hint, Katy Beth.)

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