Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We've been singing patriotic songs and reading our copy of America, the Beautiful.

We've enjoyed a rainy weekend and look forward to clearer skies and sparklers tonight. (We'll see if we all last for fireworks tonight...the kiddos have had some late nights recently.)

I have been missing our "hometown" of Asheville, NC today...that's nothing new, but I love the Fourth of July in Asheville. My parent's neighborhood has a charming parade and picnic (pictured above last year) that I grew up going to...and somehow that parade makes the Fourth of July seem more "Fourth of July-ish". Last year the kiddos loved was the first time we had been since Hadleigh was a baby. Hoping for many more celebrations there!

Today, we're reminded of the great country we live in...of the men and women who faithfully and selflessly serve our nation...and of the freedoms we enjoy. As today is Sunday, I'm especially reminded of the freedom to worship our Lord and Savior...and so very thankful for that.


Keshka said...

Kim, you look great in this photo! And your kids are too cute!

diane said...

that is such a great photo of your family. Jeremy's parents are moving to OKC, which I think is closer to you? I would love to meet up, that would be so much fun!


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