Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Every where you go...

it looks a little like Christmas inside our house.

From the glowing snowmen the children love to light for dinnertime... (and Hadleigh wants us to eat entirely by those two tiny tealights. Oh my.)

to the kids favorite decoration: our candy cane villages.
It's soft, touchable ornaments hung close to the ground (so our friend "Baby" Luke as the kiddos told me can play with them when he comes over.)
And room trees for the kiddos...a pink and green tree that still feels new to the girls
and an aging little tree that keeps on shining...from dorm rooms to apartments to each home we've lived in. Now enjoying new ornaments with Nathanael!
Lots of cold weather and even more fires...but no snow on the horizon. We're still hoping.
It's a sparkling tree shining with memories
that has a beautiful new star on top. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)
It's seeing reminders of Who this celebration is all about...in our growing collection of nativities. This one that I painted over several years...

to these lovingly made...but maybe not quite so wise-looking...wisemen. :)
More peeks to come!


Anonymous said...

What precious pictures and memories! I can't wait to see you all! Much love to all!

Stephanie said...

i love seeing your house at christmas and all of the trees. can't believe the dorm room one still lives. :) hope you had a great christmas!


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