Wednesday, December 01, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Since we were out of town over Thanksgiving weekend, we picked out our tree on the 1st.
The kiddos were giddy about going to the tree lot.

And I don't blame them. What could be more fun that running through rows of spicy smelling trees, with those happy lights illuminating the paths in the darkness? (There is something about Christmas tree lots that makes me really happy. Not as happy as a Christmas tree farm...where I grew up going to pick out a tree...but almost.)

This sweet man comes every December from Wisconsin (or Minnesota maybe), lives in his camper, and sells trees and wreaths and maple syrup. He has become a part of our Christmas traditions here in Oklahoma.

And this next picture made my night, since it's the first one EVER without someone crying or squirming away from our traditional at the treelot picture.

This year, we got two for our living room and a pint-sized one for the kitchen. Hadleigh carried it in from the car by herself, to our surprise and laughter.

This year was the first that the children were very eager to help in ANY way they could. Like unwrapping the twinkle lights. Daddy may or may not have said it would be the last time to unwrap them too. :)

I hardly had to put on any ornaments this year. Initially.

However, too many ornaments from 4 feet and down (especially on those very bottom branches) may have resulted in redistribution after bedtime. :)
But they had a ball and that is what I will remember about our tree this year.

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