Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 on the twelfth

February edition:

  1.  Nehemiah 6, this morning's sermon text
  2.  Congregational Meeting
  3.  a plethora of bananas
  4.  the "catch-all basket" currently full of library books
  5.  Valentines wreath
  6.  Valentines tree (which alternates between the dining room & girls room)
  7.  love these candlesticks
  8.  all those lights on means we're about to show the house (the kiddos love turning on all lights!)
  9.  trip to WalMart (but I got to stay in the car!!!) after a yummy Mexican dinner*
10.  Madeleine had to wake up early from her nap (see #8) Realtors LOVE naptime.*
11.  on my bedside table: Anna Karenina & The Letters of John Newton
12.  reading Narnia next to a roaring fire while snow falls softly outside. Perfect.

* All photos in chronological order except these two...silly Blogger won't allow them in reverse.


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Such great photos!
I think this is such a great project as a sub for Project Life.
I've seen a lot of great moments captured so far as a result :)

Also enjoyed your chocolate post below. I am such a big Willy Wonka fan, too. The movie. Not so much the candy either.

Christa said...

I love all your photos!! Good luck on your house sale too-hope it sells quickly! You moving local?


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