Monday, February 27, 2012

everyday moments

The month of February has been full of everyday life.  

Wonderful, special, normal, ordinary moments.

We've had a snow day (two Mondays ago)...our first of the winter...of which we took full advantage.

We stretched out Valentine celebrations over two weeks. I'm still finding heart shaped paper and candy and valentines around.

We had a week without Daddy...and are so thankful for more time in between now and the next trip.

Someone (mostly me) has had a cold at some point during February. I'm finally feeling better, mostly.

We've had unseasonable February weather...60's and 70's...and the kids have loved being outside again. (Nathanael was golfing on the front lawn while this picture was taken of the girls.)

We tend to have realtors at our house on the weekends. No news to report yet.

I've been making lots of soup...and enjoying a few new recipes.

We've had some lightbulb moments in math, which were most definitely celebrated.

I've spent some happy moments working on my Project Life album, which I hope to share with you later this week.

I'm anticipating the month of March starting this week, as we should know sometime next month where & when we will be moving.

And with this post, I've hit 500.  Many thanks to you, for reading here over the years...and being a part of my everyday.  I appreciate your comments and interest and hope you'll continue to visit!

To celebrate?  Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!


Wendy T. said...

Wow, 500 posts! That's awesome. I'm at 10, LOL! Adding you to my reader. FOund you through the SC Message Boards :)

Jennie M said...

That is great! Congrats on 500!

Melonie said...

CUTE pics!


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